Shruti Ganguly
Shruti is the marketing director of League of Artisans, a company dedicated to economic and sustainable development in India. When she’s not trying to change the world, you will find her on the set of some Bollywood film or directing some other type of spoof. She also really enjoys Scrabble.

Faran Krentcil
Faran is a writer based in New York City, where she causes trouble at ImaginarySocialite.com and style drama at Fashionista.com. Her pieces also appear in New York Magazine and Nylon. Faran is currently writing a play and a novel, but she's getting distracted by eyeliner, Jack Daniels, and 3 am dance parties. Oh well.

Matthew Tritt
Matthew, a senior project manager of Urban Builders Group, has directed and produced numerous award winning films. Several which have graced the Cannes Film Festival (among others). He is currently in the midst of an existential funk which, with the aid of several friends as you know, led to his transformation into an ultimate hipster. He hopes that these skills will provide him with the fashion and DJ skills he needs to get through his 30s.
(We believe he'll always be a Jersey boy at heart)


Tyler Peck
Tyler is an editor and works at Consulate LTD, a film editing company based in NYC. When he wasn't working on Kanye's Stronger video, he was diligently cutting the Hipster Made spoof. He usually works until 2 am, has a sick fascination with Jason Bourne, is psyched that Rage is back, and has never been to MisShapes.

Shruti Ganguly

Additional Camera
Kiki Allgeier

Music Supervisor
Jonathan Benedict

Sound Engineer
Chris Denman

Matthew Tritt
Thomas Onorato
Sarah Lewitinn/Ultragrrrl
Karen Ruttner/ Karen Plus One
Gurj Bassi
Quinn Asteak
Brad Walsh
Alexis Page
Sandra Tritt
Valerie Tritt
John Tritt
Colin Gorman
Devery Doleman
Bob Nowell
Jim Donnellan
Lou Campero
Tom Lariviere
Dana Veraldi
Andy Carlson
Jenny Gish
Monkey Lewitinn

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Omar said...

Is this really just a spoof or is this serious ? After part 2 he really looks different.